Athleisure Gift Guide for New Year's Resolutions

As we embrace the dawn of a new year, there's no better time to set fresh intentions, renew our commitment to well-being, and embark on a new fitness journey. Whether you're shopping gifts for fitness resolutions for a fitness enthusiast or taking the first step toward your own resolutions, Alala's New Year's Fitness Resolution Gift Guide is designed to empower you with athleisure for resolutions that elevate your fitness goals and embrace the power of New Year resolutions in style.

Dress for Success, Conquer in Style

Kickstart a fitness journey with the Ribbon Bra and Primary Tight, a duo designed to make a statement. The epitome of elegance meets athleticism.

Get the Ribbon Bra for $85 from Alala

Get the Primary Tight for $90 from Alala

Limitless Layers

No more using cold weather as an excuse to hit the gym. Brave the chill by dressing in layers! The Blocked Crewneck layered over the Blade Tee is the ideal combo for early morning gym sessions.

Get the Blocked Crewneck for $145 from Alala

Get the Blade Tee for $75 from Alala

Elegance in Every Pose

For the woman who’s starting their fitness journey with low-impact workouts, our seamless pieces are a must-have. The Barre Racer Bra and 7/8 Barre Seamless Tight blend grace and functionality seamlessly.

Get the Barre Racer Bra for $65 from Alala

Get the 7/8 Barre Tight for $105 from Alala


This holiday season, activewear can be more than just a gift; gift the motivation to conquer fitness goals with style, grace, and confidence. Alala's sophisticated active and athleisure pieces are not just garments; they are a reflection of inner strength and determination. Let this be the year you move through life with purpose, one empowering ensemble at a time.

Alala's New Year's Fitness Resolution Gift Guide is a celebration of personal growth, empowerment, and well-being. Each athleisure piece is carefully curated to ensure that your fitness journey is not just a goal but a lifestyle. May the New Year bring you strength, determination, and style as you achieve your fitness resolutions.