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When it comes to essential gym clothes, you need options. Not all sporty leggings are designed the same. But every pair of workout tights should have three things: comfort, flexibility, and a sense of style.

When it comes to essential gym clothes, you need options. Not all sporty tights are designed the same. But every set of workout tights should have three things: comfort, flexibility, and a sense of style.
How to Choose the Right Workout Leggings?
When deciding on the perfect leggings, consider the type of exercise you'll be engaging in. For high-intensity workouts like running or intense gym sessions, opt for compression leggings that provide support and enhance performance. On the other hand, for yoga or Pilates, seamless leggings offer flexibility and ease of movement.
Another important consideration is the waistband style. High-waisted leggings are popular for providing extra coverage and support, making them ideal for activities that involve bending and stretching. Additionally, leggings with pockets are convenient for storing essentials like your phone or keys during workouts, adding both functionality and style to your activewear collection.
Fabric choice is also crucial when selecting workout leggings. Look for moisture-wicking materials that draw sweat away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable during exercise. Additionally, breathable and stretchy fabrics like spandex or nylon blend offer flexibility and freedom of movement, making them perfect for various activities from intense workouts to yoga sessions.
The best workout pants for running or other high-intensity workouts are a practical pair of leggings. When it’s cold outside or you are running on the treadmill, a smart pair of leggings will help insulate your legs and retain your body heat. The Peak Tight is a great choice for running. These workout leggings for women feature a high waist, shiny mushroom inserts, and power mesh support inside the waistband. The matte has the right amount of flash, so you’ll stay stylish.

A good pair of seamless yoga tights should be extremely comfortable, and almost effortlessly easy to wear at any time, in and out of the yoga studio. Alala’s Barre Seamless Tight is ribbed and seamless, perfect for low-impact workouts where you might still need to sweat it out but want to be comfortable.

Squat-proof leggings, and all types of workout leggings for women, need to do it all. They should be comfortable, but still, move when you need to go from zero to one hundred. The Mirage Tights are sporty, and breathable, and have pockets for your keys and phone.
Refer to our size guide to ensure a perfect fit that stays in place during your workout routine. Leggings that are too loose may slide down, causing distractions, while those that are too tight can restrict movement and lead to discomfort.

Workout Leggings with a Stylish Design

Of course, the design of stylish leggings matters just as much as their comfort. Tights should complement you, being just as subtle and colorful as you. Not only do stylish leggings help you look good while you exercise, but they can also boost your confidence and motivation.
Black leggings are a timeless option that never goes out of style. Our Mirage Leggings can easily be paired with any workout top or sports bra, making them a staple in any activewear wardrobe. With the right fit and fabric, black leggings can be both flattering and functional, allowing you to move with ease during your fitness routine.
For those looking for both style and functionality, high waisted leggings are a great choice. High waisted leggings are some of our best sellers and can give a retro look while supporting your silhouette. Whether you're doing yoga, weightlifting, or running, high-waisted leggings offer the perfect blend of fashion and performance, keeping you comfortable and confident.
Color-blocked tights are a pop of bright color for any exercise. The Reef Tight is an 80s surf-inspired pair of sporty leggings that are the perfect design for lounging around the house or going out.

Color-block leggings add sophistication to your powerful, contoured silhouette. The Bolt Tight is the perfect example. The colors and seams are so flattering for your legs and are perfectly high-waisted. These essential gym clothes hug your body in all the right places.

Leggings with Pockets
Workout leggings with pockets are a game-changer for those who want convenient storage options while on the move. Our pocket tights are designed to hold your essentials securely, whether you're running errands or hitting the gym. The added functionality of pockets on leggings offers a practical solution for carrying your phone, keys, or cards without needing a bag.
Consider the placement and size of the pockets. Some leggings have side pockets, while others feature a hidden waist pocket or a back zipper pocket. The choice of pocket style often depends on personal preference and the intended use. Side pockets are great for easy access, while waistband pockets keep your items snug against your body during high-intensity workouts.

The Best Leggings To Help Recovery After a Workout

Leggings aren’t just for working out or creating an athleisure outfit when doing chores, they are also medically proven to help your body recover after a workout. Studies have shown that compression leggings can reduce lactic acid, minimize muscle microtrauma, regulate temperatures, and even help eliminate blisters.

One of Alala’s best-selling workout leggings for women, the Compression ⅞ Captain Tight is designed to sculpt and lift your body. The compression fabric helps to promote circulation and post-workout recovery. These snug gym leggings fit just right and feature flattering shiny material.

Sometimes, you don’t just need compression leggings to recover, but the softest leggings you can find to get comfortable. Goddess Cashmere Tight is the perfect luxurious all-day wear for after a hard workout. Pair it with the Goddess Cashmere Top, lay on the couch, and get comfortable, because you earned it. These comfy and sporty leggings will keep you warm all day long.

Athleisure Leggings for Everyday Activities

But athleisure wear leggings aren’t just for the gym, they’re for all-day events. The perfect streetwear pair of pants, these leggings will take you around town in style and comfort.

A good pair of leggings should be described as textured, flattering, and having just the right amount of sophistication. That’s why Alala designed the Raya Rib Tight. Featuring a waistband that is comfortable while still holding you in, along with shiny ribbed fabric, flatlock seaming, and a soft blend of polyamide and spandex fabric, these are the athleisure leggings for you.
Another aspect of streetwear? Stylish and subtle details that make your outfit stand out without ever being over the top. The Aphrodite Tight does all that and more. Featuring beautiful metallic gold detail and chafe-free seaming (so you can walk in comfort all day long), these athletic wear leggings give you a modern look with a kiss of glamour. Did we also mention that these leggings have pockets?