We Take Our Name From Alala, A Greek Goddess

Her name signifies a battle cry, a call to arms. To us, Alala represents all that we aspire to be as modern women. We live our lives with the audacity to believe that we can do it all and have it all. The universe is our oyster and every day is another opportunity to make our mark on the world.


Inspired by the modern woman's all day wardrobe.


Crafted from the finest, most luxurious fabrics from around the world.


Stand out among the crowd with our unique designs.

"Ah-ha" Moment

At the start of my career I was often on-the-go for 18+ hours at a time. This meant I was constantly getting creative about how to switch things up. I needed looks that could go from the gym, office, or happy hour.

Then, when I was training for my first triathlon in early 2012, I had my 'ah-ha' moment. At the time, there wasn't an activewear brand that offered the effortless, high-low style that I was searching for. I decided that I couldn’t standby any longer procrastinating - I wanted to spearhead the next phase of the 'All Day Style' movement.

So, in 2014, my vision came to life.

Meet the Team

Let Alala Pieces Perform for You

You know how they say fit is everything. We think that's true, whether in jobs, shoes, relationships or activewear.

We're not embarrassed to say that we think about your body a lot. We spend hours considering how our clothes should fit you so that you feel amazing while you’re out conquering the world.

We manufacture most of our products in North America, with select styles made around the world. Team Alala has personally vetted and visited all factory partners to ensure proper working conditions.

Helping Our Communities

At Alala, we believe we have a duty to serve and help others. It's core to what we do and what our consumer believes in. We commit to use our platform to spread knowledge, share resources, and give love to those around us. Below are some of the causes we continue to support.


Join Our Team

If you're interested in joining the Alala family, email your resume to careers@alalastyle.com or check our career page.