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Athletic jackets for women on the court, in the gym, or when you're on the run. Regardless of what you're doing, Alala’s collection of women’s lightweight jackets are easy to throw on and work for any occasion.

What Fabric is Best for Your Women’s Lightweight Jacket?
High-quality fabric is crucial for creating a warm weather jacket. Alala’s high-quality tennis jackets are made from a combination of fabrics that create sustainable clothing for everyday activities. Fabrics like recycled polyester (otherwise known as rPET) make Alala athletic coats durable and long-lasting. Recycled polyester jackets retain their shape well, and are resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, and stretching. It’s also quick-drying, stain-resistant, and sustainable. So, while you get a good workout, you can take the pressure off the environment.

We create a blend of durable and flexible fabrics, usually with the help of spandex. Spandex has a high stretchability, and is one of the most common types of athletic wear for a reason. The result is clothing that is meant to be used for strenuous movements, but even if you just need to get some groceries or grab a coffee, a spandex athleisure jacket can be thrown on and ready to go when you are.

Some athletic jackets are made out of nylon. Nylon fabric is extremely lightweight and water resistant as well, making them the perfect choice for an early morning run, or if you need a warm weather jacket for the spring or fall. Nylon jackets are breathable as well, allowing you to work out without worrying about getting too hot.

What Athletic Jackets are the Best Fit for My Workout?
The ultimate women’s warm-up jacket is easy to be thrown on, is fashionable in and out of the gym, and will last. In other words, the best athletic jacket for women is the jacket you want to wear all the time. Coincidentally, it’s just a great piece of clothing for your athletic activities.

The Ace Jacket is a sporty touch for all your warm weather needs. This women’s tennis jacket is attractive and incredibly flattering with a slim fit streamlined to hug the body, but still, gives you breathing room to move easily. This mesh jacket is built with ventilation in mind, so your body won’t overheat even when you’re breaking a sweat. It also features front pockets, a full zip, and remarkable fabric with SPF50+ protection. It’s the perfect jacket for an intensive workout on a warmer day.

What Should I Wear With a Women’s Lightweight Jacket?
To complete an athleisure set, you need clothes to match your mesh jacket. For high-intensity activities, a pair of the Bolt Tights go along with any tennis jacket. These color block leggings feature a power-mesh-supported waistband. The ultimate choice for an early run.

If you want to make a splash at the country club with your luxurious athletic jacket, the functional skort is the perfect match for your lightweight jacket. This country club-style skort will have you running around the court in style and comfort.

What Does a Performance Jacket Mean?
Alala jackets are about creating comfort with lightweight materials that last and are designed with your performance in mind. For weathering any storm, there’s the Jet Set Parka. This women’s lightweight jacket is the choice when you just don’t know what the weather will bring, but you still need to face the day in style. It’s a nylon jacket that won’t keep you down. This water-resistant jacket features pockets at the hip and chest, a hood for wind protection, a zipper closure, and a vented back for movement. Alala jackets aren’t just for the gym, they are luxury jackets for the everyday.