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A woman warrior needs her recovery. Coming back from battle or going to, you need workout sweatpants that you can depend on. Women’s joggers need to be comfortable to fit your body right, with no space for loose fabric, only hard work.

What are Joggers?
Workout sweatpants, or joggers, are made of usually thin material (usually a blend of cotton, nylon, or spandex) to maximize comfort while working out. With the popularity of athleisure wear, joggers have turned from athletic wear to every day as streetwear, pieces that go along with an athletic tee shirt, or a sweatshirt when it starts getting chilly.

Both multifunctional and comfortable, joggers come in a variety of styles. Some have even become a more fashionable alternative to sweatpants, giving you all the cozy comfort of lounge sweatpants you want after a long workout without ever sacrificing style.

What are the Different Types of Joggers?

Workout Sweats
The basic workout apparel for sporty seasons, workout sweats, or classic joggers, is a perfect year-round staple for your closet. Strap on and go, classic women’s joggers are thinner than traditional sweatpants, allowing your skin to breathe during intense workouts.

Workout sweats like the Rise Joggers bridge the gap between sweatpants and athleisure joggers by being thin enough to wear to a workout class or Pilates but are still super soft. Made from a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex, they're flexible enough to handle Yoga poses and squats.

A cardio workout requires breathable pants, sleek and flattering in all the right places. The Fast Track Pant does just that. These slick women's joggers feature mesh side lining, quick-dry fabric, and a looser fit. They’re a runner’s relaxed pants that fit perfectly.

Lounge Sweatpants
Athleisure sweatpants give all the comfort you need, for after a long day or on a lazy Sunday, the fabric of your pants should feel buttery soft. The Off-Duty Sweatpants live up to their name by being so comfortable you won’t want to take them off. These chic sweatpants are the loungewear staple you’ll throw on once you step back inside. These soft fleece sweatpants feature an elastic waist, side pocket, and elastic cuff to keep you comfortable.

Every Day (or Streetwear Athleisure) Joggers But what if you can’t decide, and need a sporty pair of joggers for a stroll downtown, or to do chores? You still need the softest material around, along with details that make it a breezy piece. In comes the Heron Jogger. This all-day sweatpant jogger is made of buttery soft micro modal fabric and features mesh detailing to give you maximum comfort regardless of the weather.

Why are Women’s Athleisure Joggers so Versatile?

Do you want to know a secret? All of these luxury sweatpants can be worn in the gym, on the street, or when you are lounging. That’s the magic of athleisure joggers, they are meant to help make life easier. That could be breaking a sweat at the gym, or just finishing a novel on the couch. Either way, Alala’s sweats for women give the women warrior the comfort she needs.