Versatile Pieces for Your January Wardrobe

Versatile, core pieces are a necessity for any wardrobe as they can be worn for any occasion - dress it up or down. Wardrobe staple pieces can be used to create a variety of iconic silhouettes that will serve as the foundation for any wardrobe. They are timeless and can be worn for years to come.


Cardigan Dress

Our black Cardigan Dress is an essential piece for any wardrobe. Feeling dressy? Pair this with tights and boots and be out the door in 10 min. Feeling cozy? Layer over a long sleeve and tight combo. Our secret styling tip is that this dress can be worn open and layered on top of every piece in your closet. Or, of course, it can be worn on its own to create a classic and timeless style.

The neutral color makes it easy to pair with other items, and the cardigan style adds a layer of warmth and comfort. Whether you want to dress up for a night out or stay warm during the cooler months, our Cardigan Dress is the perfect wardrobe staple.

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Washable Cashmere Tee

A classic white tee, with the comfort of washable cashmere, is a key wardrobe must-have. Its a timeless piece that you can style in countless ways, with jeans and sneakers or dressed up with a blazer and heels. Our Washable Cashmere Tee is incredibly versatile, being able to dressed up and down, and comfortable, allowing you to create an array of looks. As a base layer, this is the ultimate canvas to any elevated silhouette. 

Add a subtle, luxurious hint of color to your outfit with any of our other colored Washable Cashmere Tees. Its a great option for layering during the colder months. So, whether youre looking to refresh your wardrobe or just want to add a key staple piece to your repertoire, a classic, cashmere tee should be your go-to.


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Phoebe Trouser

A black trouser is an absolute necessity for any versatile wardrobe - it's a classic look that will never go out of style. Black trousers can be worn to the office with a blazer and heels, or worn with a cashmere tee and sneakers for a more relaxed look.

For a night out, the Phoebe Trouser can be paired with a dressy blouse and heels for a sophisticated look. These trousers are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a multitude of colors, textures, and prints for a unique and eye-catching look. No matter what the occasion, a pair of black trousers is a great wardrobe essential to have on hand. Did we mention how comfortable these pants are?!

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Jet Set Parka

A parka jacket is the epitome of versatility. Throw on the Jet Set Parka and brave the outdoor elements. It can also be used as a layering piece in wetter weather as its water repellant material will allow water to roll right off of you. The Jet Set Parka is a great way to add some style to any outfit and can easily transition from season to season.

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Reversible Ski Vest

Our Reversible Ski Vest provides two looks in one. Switch between the insulated puffer outside and sherpa inside for a time saving transition. Wear over a sweater or cardigan on its own, or add on a puffer for extra insulated warmth.

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All Day Tight 

There's no bad day to wear the All Day Tight - there are a multitude of ways to sport a simple pair of black leggings. Our All Day Tight is intentionally made with a cozy fabric to lounge around in, but also features shiny black side paneling to add a touch of sophistication. They are  so comfortable and cozy, making them perfect for low-impact movement or everyday wear.  

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Diana Top

Flow freely with this beautiful v-neck blouse. The Diana Top is a go-to for any daytime or evening plan. For a more casual look, pair with the Barre Seamless Short and a comfortable athletic sneakerFor a more formal look, pair with a skirt with tights a blazer. 

You can also layer the blouse with a cardigan or jacket. The neutral color makes it easy to mix and match with other colors, patterns and textures.

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 Barre Seamless Short

Biker shorts will never go out of style, which why the Barre Seamless Short is a must-have for any versatile wardrobe. If you're living in a warmer climate this winter, style with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, or with a blazer, statement jewelry, and heels for a more elevated look. The Barre Seamless Short can also be paired with an oversized sweater or a crop top for a more relaxed, streetwear-inspired look.

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