The Leggings That Make it Look Like I Work out More Than I Actually do.

A few years back, I trained really hard for my first half marathon. Three months into that five-days-a-week training regimen, my friend commented that my legs looked really good in the leggings I was wearing — athletic and strong, but feminine and curvy at the same time. Considering I’m not a big fan of my own legs, it remains one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me, ever. Alala’s Captain Tightgives my legs that same look, but without the hours spent treadmill-ing my life away. These black leggings with mesh panels at the back of the knees that wrap up to the thighs are the first ones I’ll grab out of the clean laundry pile. They’re what I want staring back at me in the mirror — whether I’m trying to slay at a Vixen class or squat at my local New York Sports Club — because they suck me in and make my curves look out of control (in the best way!!).

The Captain Crop delivers on function, too: The waist panel stays put during long runs, the back pocket is just large enough for keys and a credit card, and I’m never worried about them being see-through. I fangirl hard enough for these leggings that I’d recommend giving any of the brand’s tights a try. The Captain also comes in a full-length style and tons of different color combos (you can even customize them), but all I want are the black capris all day, every day. At $105, they’re not exactly easy to stock up on, but you can get 15% off when you sign up for Alala’s newsletter.  I’m certainly not in half-marathon shape these days, but these leggings remind me of what I’ll look like — with or without them on — when I get there.

Originally published on RACKED, Dec 15, 2016, 1:32am EST by Laura Gurfein, Deputy Managing Editor at RACKED

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