Why This Birthday Is Special

Dear Alala family,

This birthday is extra special for us. With our new branding rolling out, it feels like we've entered a new chapter of Alala. We hope you've been loving it and can't wait to show you what we have in store for you.

Looking back to the beginning, there have been so many triumphs and hard lessons we've learned along the way. I'm humbled by the support and understanding you've always given us and I promise you that we take your feedback to heart, even when it's sometimes difficult to hear.

As I've grown from a 30-something starting a business, to now being 40, I've changed so much, as has Alala; in our style, our outlook on life and our understanding of what it means to be an Alala woman. Now more than ever, I value quality over quantity, and place importance on having pieces that are timeless and chic, that will bring me joy me through this incredible journey we call life.

These are some of the guiding lights we've put in place for Alala moving forward, and I hope you'll appreciate that as well.

So thank you again, for loving us and supporting us. It means so much to me and the entire Alala team. If there's something you'd like to see from us, please email me at deniselee@alalastyle.com. I would love to hear from you.

Love and Gratitude,


Got a window at bloomingdales 59th St during our first year in business!


I used to hand write all the thank you cards for ecomm packages.


Visiting our first factory in Canada. We worked with them for 8 years before they closed.


Line plan for our FIRST collection.


WWD writes about our first collection.


Denise in our first office on 38th St. - tiny place!


Taking our first samples to editor desksides.


Walking fabric rolls to our sample maker.

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