Women in Seamless

This month, we’re celebrating our 10th birthday and turning our focus on our biggest passion: YOU!

You’re the reason we love what we do and we’re inspired by you every day. For our February campaign, we decided to cast models in pairs - each of whom had relationships prior to our shoot day.

Meet Tina and Christie, who have been tennis friends for years. They’ve seen each other through marriages, children AND grandchildren!! Bound together by their love of life and the game, their positive energy was contagious.



Fateema and Nicole are friends who met pursuing their love of modeling. Nicole is returning to work after having a baby, and Fateema is showing her the way back into the industry. Their grace and chemistry were beautiful to see on set.



This stunning mother-daughter duo is Melinda and Leilani. Both professional dancers, their love and admiration for each other is so clear, even in the first minutes of meeting them. We absolutely love seeing women of all ages and life stages wearing Alala, and looking freaking stunning!!


We are so passionate about making sure women of every age know that they are an Alala woman.

Hopefully you’re as excited about this campaign as we are! Don’t forget to check out our seamless collection - you’ll fall in love with the buttery, luxurious feeling against your skin. It is THE BEST Seamless Athleisure you’ll ever wear.

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