Winter Styling: Cashmere

The combination of comfort, warmth, and luxury make cashmere tops a popular choice for winter wear. Our cashmere tops have quickly become a winter styling staple as they're extremely versatile - they're light enough to layer underneath chunky-knits, and cozy enough to wear on their own. 

Effortlessly Cool (But Warm)

For an effortlessly chic, everyday look, layer the Washable Cashmere Turtleneck under a heavier knit like the Joshua Sweater. Pair back to your favorite relaxed jean and neutral accessories.

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Girls Night Out in Comfort & Style

Whether you're going out with friends to the bar at The Mark or your neighborhood spot, it's the company (and the outfit) that matter most. 

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Monochromatic Sophistication

Nothing says sophisticated like a monochromatic look. Who said your errand-running outfit couldn't be chic? 

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Weekend R&R

Spend your well-earned weekend doing what you need for you. Grab lunch with friends, get a manicure, or peruse Main Street's shopping. You deserve it. 

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You Trendsetter, You

Your friends come to you for your take on what's in (& what's out). Show off your winter styling masterpiece with a fun twist on a basic look.

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Cashmere is crafted from the fine, soft hairs of the cashmere goat, which are found under the goat's outer coat. These hairs are combed or sheared from the goat, then processed and spun into yarn to make cashmere fabric. Because the hairs are so fine and soft, the resulting fabric is incredibly soft and smooth, which adds to its luxurious feel.

Cashmere is known for its ability to keep you warm in cold weather (cashmere is a natural insulator!). It is also relatively lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. Cashmere tops are a popular winter style, as they provide warmth without feeling bulky or heavy.

In addition to its practical qualities, cashmere is also considered a high-end, luxurious fabric, which adds to its appeal. It's often used to make high-quality clothing and accessories, including tops, sweaters, scarves, and gloves. With the proper care, your luxurious cashmere tops will remain in perfect condition for many seasons.

With so many ways to style cashmere, it can be overwhelming. We rounded up our favorite styling tips and looks to make cashmere wear easy. 

1. Cashmere can be easily dressed up or down. Cashmere goes just as well with denim as it does with a skirt.

2. Layering is our not-so-secret cashmere styling tip. As a lightweight fabric, cashmere layers add warmth without the bulk. 

3. Keep it simple. Since cashmere is a luxurious fabric, it can be the showpiece of your outfit. Keep the rest of your look simple and let the cashmere take center stage.


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