Washable Cashmere Tees

We've elevated your basic, everyday tee. Upgrade your never-ending t-shirt collection with sophisticated washable cashmere basics intended for daily wear. Alala's machine washable cashmere is an ultra lightweight fitted tee, built to match any outfit and be the versatile basic tee for any wardrobe. 

You're probably wondering why you should step up your t-shirt game. For starters, cashmere can be a lot softer and smoother than cotton, providing cozy-yet-light wear. Spending the winter in NYC? Layer this tee under a thick cardigan or a cozy sweater for luxurious warmth (cashmere is known to insulate your body heat!). Taking a trip down to Florida for some sunshine? Wear this tee on its own with a pair of denim. 

Alala's machine washable cashmere tees ultimate pairing though is the cashmere briefs. Just as washable as the tops, these lightweight cashmere briefs are the perfect thing to pair with the tops for a cozy weekend on the couch. 

With the proper care, cashmere tees can last longer than cotton tees. Thankfully, our cashmere pieces are machine washable, eliminating the annoying weekly runs to the dry cleaners. Ensure each piece is washed according to its washing instructions, and these pieces will live in your wardrobe for years to come. All you need to do is machine wash these fitted tees with like colors, and do not bleach. To dry, lay flat and do not wring. Make sure to not iron and do not dry clean. 

Now that our machine Washable Cashmere Tees are available in 5 different colors, you can wear one every day of the work week, and are versatile enough to match any color scheme or any wardrobe. Regardless if you need to dress up for a meeting at the office or want to dress down for a day out grabbing coffee, machine washable cashmere is the easiest layering decision there is. 

Washable Cashmere Tee in Black
Washable Cashmere Tee in Navy
Washable Cashmere Tee in Camel
Washable Cashmere Tee in Grey
Washable Cashmere Tee in Bone
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