Twinings X Alala Limited-Edition Bundles


Introducing the Twinings X Alala Limited-Edition Bundles to support your wellness lifestyle from AM to PM!

Twinings and Alala have partnered to support your well balanced lifestyle. For some, that might include an early start to the day, an energizing beverage, and some form of exercise. For others, that means craving your coziest sets, a cup of tea, and a good book. Our limited-edition bundles have been created to support your wellbeing journey one step-and one sip-at a time.

For the morning person: shop our Daytime Bundle, which is curated to perfection. Complete with the Twinings Superblends Probiotics+ Lemon & Ginger Tea and our Raya Rib Set in Navy,  this bundle will give you a super chic luxe-leisure look to #STEEPINSTYLE.

Twinings X Alala Daytime Bundle

For the evening person: shop our Nighttime Bundle, which will have you waking up wonderful. With both the Wander Set, and Twinings Superblends Sleep+ Tea included, the Nighttime Bundle is sure to elevate your next bedtime routine.

Twinings X Alala Nighttime Bundle

Which bundle best describes you? Shop the bundles now and get a free Limited Edition Twinings X Alala Mug with your purchase!

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