Shirts for Golf

When it comes to shirts, there is a variety that golfers can choose from: short sleeves, sleeveless with a collar, and long sleeves. 

There are a few benefits to wearing long sleeves while golfing. The long sleeve shirts women wear typically are of a tighter fit. The compression of the sleeves helps to keep muscles relaxed, which reduces the risk for injury. 

Golfers spend a lot of time in the sun. Taking on a typical course of 18 holes is not a short task. Our Ace Jacket provides SPF50+, which will keep you safe from getting sunburnt.

Here are our long sleeves that you can rock while golfing!


Slash Seamless Long Sleeve
Slash Seamless Long Sleeve in Pink
Move your upper body with ease and free of restriction with a nylon top featuring ribbed detailing and a keyhole cutout. 

Race Turtleneck
Race Turtleneck in Black
Turn heads on the course with this turtleneck top that features sheer mesh paneling and soft velvet detailing. 

Long Sleeve Breakers Tee
Long Sleeve Breakers Tee in Black
This oh-so-soft long sleeve top comes in multiple colors and is made from a super comfortable cotton blend. 

Fractal Raglan Long Sleeve Tee
Fractal Raglan Long Sleeve Tee in White
Be cozy on the green in this boyfriend fit long sleeve tee and a back mesh accent for breathability.

Flyweight Hoodie Tee
Flyweight Hoodie Tee in Black
Feels like wearing a second layer of skin. with its slivers of mesh. This hoodie tee is fitted to the body. 


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