Self-Driven Scorpio

Self-Driven Scorpio

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As a water sign, a Scorpio knows how to navigate the path that lies ahead of them. Determined to accomplish their goals, they set forth on their journey, sparked by the motivation that comes from within. Despite this, wearing a new outfit to feel good on the outside always helps. A Scorpio accomplishes their goals in their own time in pieces that support them, like the Surf Bra and Surf Tight, Exhale Sweatshirt, Breakers Henley, and Reversible Ski Vest.


It's your season, Scorpio, and everyone wants to feel as dark, mysterious, and sexy as you. You're a sign associated with shadow work, but this year, try to lean into the light and allow yourself to celebrate, indulge in self-care, and spend Halloween and your birthday in a manner that brings you joy. You benefit from balance, Scorpio, and want to avoid getting bogged down in drama, especially around the solar eclipse in your sign this month.


A full moon in fellow fire sign Aries ignites your sex life this month, Sag, whether you're with a partner, sex toy, or both. As long as you can avoid the temptation to give in to drama during the solar eclipse in Scorpio, October is also a beautiful month for having fun with friends, especially during Halloween.


Your ruling planet, strict Saturn, goes direct this month, helping you set boundaries around work/life balance. That's not always an easy task for Capricorns; you have a reputation for overworking yourself. However you may work hard, but you also play hard. Just try to get your Halloween parties in before Mars goes retrograde, leaving you feeling sluggish at the end of the month.


Scorpios love weirdness, just like you, Aquarius, so this month brings plenty of chances to remind the world why they call you the alien of the zodiac. This Halloween looks to be extra fabulous for Aquarians because in addition to showing off your epic costume, the holiday brings welcome yet unexpected networking opportunities. 


When Mercury ends its retrograde, you must go ahead and have any necessary conversations you've been avoiding, Pisces. Remember, swimming away from communication never solves anything. October brings you blessings from the lucky planet Jupiter and sees you celebrating a fun Halloween, but thanks to Mars retrograde, don't be surprised if it's more low-key than other years.


October, the start of spooky Scorpio season and Halloween, encourages you to indulge in glamour rituals by wearing daring costumes or bold makeup looks. However, you're also undergoing a spiritual transformation, Aries. Make time for self-care and rest this month between the Halloween parties because your ruling planet, warrior Mars, goes retrograde at the end of the month, threatening to take the wind out of your sails.


October is a transformative month for your love life, Taurus. When strict Saturn ends its retrograde, you feel confident in your sexual desires and ready to explore them, especially around the full moon in Aries. Life is good, Taurus, but when Scorpio season begins, you may feel stressed out, so layer on that self-care, and remember that happiness is often a decision and not something anyone else can do for you.


Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, ends its retrograde, offering smooth sailing just in time for sexy Scorpio season and Halloween. Your style is iconic, and you can't turn down a great party, Gemini, so go big this Halloween by getting your flirt on, dancing, and showing off your costume. Use the full moon and solar eclipse to rest this month because both are emotional times that can stir up drama, and you tend to do enough of that on your own, you heartbreaker.


When the transformative planet Pluto goes direct this month, your love life advances for the best, whether that's welcoming increased intimacy in a current relationship or enjoying the freedom of single life. A full moon in Aries reminds you of the abundance in the world, and when sensual Scorpio season begins, the fireworks continue in your love life.


Your ruling planet is the sun, majestic Leo, which means that you radiate star power but are extra susceptible to the drama that accompanies solar eclipses, such as the one in Scorpio going down this month. However, October also brings Halloween, which means makeup, selfies, parties, and costumes, so get ready to revel in joy, even if you opt to spend the holiday doing something low-key with friends rather than rage all weekend.


Three planets end their retrograde this month, Virgo, and as a result, you're feeling bold and ready to take on the world. You're a sign associated with perfection but are also the hermit of the zodiac. So, when you do decide to socialize, such as for Halloween, prepare to win costume contests (and likely the love and affection of your crush). Feel free to go big this year. Just be mindful that the solar eclipse in Scorpio could lead to drama, sudden endings, and petty fights, so practice patience and make time for as much rest and self-care as possible.


Your season ends, and Scorpio's begins, Libra, but fear not. October brings the end of three retrogrades and the start of Mars retrograde. While Mars retrograde can sound daunting, it allows you to reconnect with Venus, your ruling planet and the goddess of all things beautiful. So as long as you check in with yourself and honor you needs (and having amazing Halloween makeup absolutely counts as a need), this looks to be a joyous month for you, even if Scorpio does take the reins. 

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