How to Style a Cardigan Five Ways

Knowing how to style a cardigan won’t just create aesthetic cardigan outfits, it can help you elevate and maintain a strong wardrobe of clothes you can mix and match, and make sure you never get sick of them. Maximize your wardrobe’s potential and minimize the amount of space unused clothing will take up by buying cardigans that are versatile. A high-quality layering cardigan is perfect for any occasion, especially during transitional months when you just don’t know which way the weather will turn. Warmth, comfort, and sophistication help define the cardigan, by maximizing warmth but still providing breathability you won’t find in other sweaters. 

How to Elevate a Business Casual Outfit with a Layering Cardigan 

For the weekday routine, it’s good to have reliable clothing that can be worn professionally but isn’t too stuffy. The Wander Cardigan can turn from an everyday over-the-shoulder cardigan to part of a business casual outfit you can wear in and out of the office. This soft grey sweater is a long cardigan featuring soft brushed fleece, rib cuffs, and sheer mesh detailing on the trim. These features help keep a professional appearance with smart components without minimizing smart fashion sensibility. This style of cardigan can be worn with trousers and an elegant blouse, but the Wander Cardigan is soft enough to be worn outside of work as well. 


What to Wear with a Cardigan in the Summer?

With a simple crop top, cardigans are the perfect extra layer when the sun is out, but you never know when a cold breeze might fly through. If you don’t want to cut short your picnic at the park or walk on the river, a cropped cardigan outfit will help guarantee you stay comfortable in the summer. The Thermal Cardigan, with its cropped finish and snap front bottoms, is the layering cardigan of the summer. The waffle fabric and roomy fit result in a sophisticated alternative to wearing a hoodie, especially during summer nights. This cropped cardigan outfit can pair with a tank top and a pair of shorts or a skirt that will be comfortable long into the summer night. 

What Cardigan is the Best for Traveling? 

Who isn’t sick of using those scratchy and always-too-thin blankets that an airplane provides? An easy alternative, and one that you will actually want to wear, is the Jet Set Cardigan. This athletic cardigan isn’t just for the gym, featuring rib inserts and sheer mesh detailing on the trim. This knit cardigan is both soft and versatile. If you want to know how to wear this cardigan for a casual outing or traveling in comfort, pair the Jet Set Cardigan with the Off-Duty Sweatpant, which is incredibly comfortable and fits just right with its high-rise look. This aesthetic cardigan outfit is so comfortable, all the stress of traveling will melt away. 

Why are Athletic Cardigans the Perfect Gym Layer? 

For going to the gym, an extra layer is a great way to stay comfortable during the beginning of your workout and help you warm up with a nice sweat to start your workout off right. The Snap Cardigan is the solution to creating an aesthetic cardigan outfit for the gym that gives off sporty simplicity with incredibly soft fabric. This super-soft cardigan features snap-on and off buttons for easy usage. When out of the gym, pair the Snap Cardigan with its matching bottoms: the Plie Short, made of a thick fabric with a rise that’s not too long and not too short. 

Where is the Best Lounge Cardigan? 

While all good cardigans can be worn around the house in comfort, a true cashmere cardigan cannot be beaten, unless that cashmere, like our Goddess Cardigan, is machine washable. This washable cashmere cardigan is the ultimate layering cardigan on your day off or during a staycation. Choosing what to wear with a cardigan could not be easier: pair this with the Goddess Cashmere Tights for a perfect fit around the house, or if you are going out for the day, a pair of blue jeans is the ultimate solution. 

The Versatile
Styles of a Cardigan

An article of clothing that should be in everyone’s closet, the cardigan can be easily dressed up or down or layered onto any outfit to help add just a flair of sophistication. They can add a pop of color or can enhance the silhouette of your everyday outfit. If you are looking for a way to make a statement without going over the top, or just need a functional layer, look no further than a cardigan.

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