The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

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This is your wake-up call to budget better, Capricorn. Focus on saving, rather than spending. Only spend on the things you really need. But good news, Capricorn, there could be a bonus or a chance to find some extra money in your near future.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! Reach for the stars. This is your time to shine and begin those projects you’ve been putting off or try something completely new. Expect lasting significance from those new experiences. Things are changing for you.


Time to rest up, Pisces. Aquarius season is your time to embrace introversion. Purge the things and people in your life that no longer serve you and forgive your past. Rest and recharge so you’re primed and ready once Pisces season begins. 


Your friend group may be changing or has changed, and that’s just fine. You are being given space to make new connections and you will find a new crew that suits you even better and brings out your very best. 


Ready to excel in the workplace, mighty Taurus? This is your time to use your new-found motivation to work hard and butter up your boss and coworkers. Something good could come of it, *hint* a raise or bonus *hint*.


Open your mind and your heart during this time. Welcome new experiences, trips, people, and projects. Let loose and have some fun, Gemini.


This month is going to be a weird one. It’s time to leave your usual deep emotions behind and become more open to your social side. Make some new connections and learn more about those close to you (including your partner).


This new sun wants you to find romance. Buckle up if you’re single, Leo. This is going to be a fun time for you. 


Feeling a little overwhelmed at work? Take a deep breath, Virgo, it’s expected. This is your time to keep your head down and take care of business. Sort out your wild schedule and create some stability in your work life. 


Time for some lovin’. Your sign is calling for some extra love, fun, and sex this Aquarius season. Say yes to that hot hookup and throw caution to the wind. 


Your home life is number 1. Kick back and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Refresh your home decor and make your house a home. Take a break from the wild and crazy outside world and focus on your safe space.  



Deepen your friendships and make some new ones while you’re at it, Sagittarius. Get to know the people nearby. Who knows! Your new bestie could be right next door! 

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