Shine Like A Leo

Shine Like A Leo

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As an astrologically calm July comes to a close, it can only mean one thing - the adventurous Leo season is rolling in. A Leo is notorious for wanting to be the star of the show, which makes sense considering they're the only Sun sign. This month is their chance to shine in the Seamless Crop Tank in ChartreuseBarre Bra in Chartreuse, and Barre Seamless Tight in Chartreuse.


When August begins, it's still your season, hot Leo, even if you do have to hand the torch off to Virgo later this month. While you can enjoy attention all month long, Thursday, August 11, looks to be especially important for your love and sex life. Not only is there a powerful full moon, but Venus, the goddess of love, enters your sign on this date. You may even find yourself trying something out of the box in bed towards the end of the month, so celebrate even after your season ends, Leo.


Your season begins this month, beautiful Virgo! You tend to be the person friends turn to, and you are often fantastic at throwing dinner parties. However, your assignment is to act a little bit selfish this August. It's your birthday, after all. What does it look like if you step back and let others take care of you? Pleasure, hopefully, because from spa treatments to hot sex, the end of August sees you getting in touch with your body.


August brings change to your friend group, Libra, but with a romantic twist. Either you're crushing on someone in your social circle, or this month sees a romantic partner or interest becoming friends with your friends. When Virgo, which is the healer of the zodiac, season begins, you're asked to carve out time for self-care, a theme continued by Uranus going retrograde, which asks you to reevaluate your relationship with rest.


Make sure to have an escape plan in place the weekend of the full moon on Thursday, August 11, Scorpio, because this lunation may bring drama (and is not a bad excuse to stay in). August sees you doing important work to grow and work through any lingering bad habits you want to break. In particular, August helps you stand up for yourself and act more assertively (which is different, Scorpio, than using that stinger of yours any time you feel threatened).


Friend breakups are hard, hot Sagittarius, but August may bring shakeups to your social circle. But before you start to worry, remember that the stars are on your side. You're growing and becoming a more evolved version of yourself. When Uranus finishes its five-month long retrograde that starts this month, your social life will look different but even shinier and happier. So, slow down this month, remember to breathe, and enjoy the hot sex that comes your way, thanks to moves from the fiery planet Mars.


Your word of the month is "confidence," dear Capricorn. Virgo season starts this month, Cap, and Virgo is a fellow grounded earth sign who appreciates the value of satisfying work just as much as you do. However, burnout is real, so make time for rest, Capricorn. You need it. When the rebellious planet Uranus goes retrograde towards the end of the month, you'll see big changes in your love life and want to be well-rested for that. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you will implement positive change in all aspects of your life. 


August is major for your sex life, Aquarius. Whether you find yourself working through trauma with a therapist, increasing intimacy with your partner, or finally giving in to your desire to be single, expect significant shifts when it comes to love and lust. This theme continues when your ruling planet, rebellious Uranus, goes retrograde towards the end of the month. 


August asks you to rest, Pisces. In particular, when Uranus goes retrograde at the end of the month, you must reevaluate your schedule and time commitments to ensure you have enough time for yourself. And, want to hear something awesome about making space for alone time? It can help strengthen your romantic relationships, Pisces, which see a lot of excitement this month.


You may need to be there for a friend going through it early this month, Aries, so tap into your caregiver side. Community, in general, is a central theme for you this month, whether you attend more social events or get involved in grassroots political organizing work. You're feeling organized and on top of things all around, in part due to the influence of Virgo season. You even can talk about and work through any difficulties in your romantic life.


A full moon brings changes to your social status, Taurus. So make sure to get some sleep earlier in the month because the second half of August is going to see you busy with creative projects, becoming more politically active, and, yes, either falling in love or deepening a current romantic relationship.


You're one of the flirtiest signs of the zodiac, Gemini, and many of you twins had at least one summer fling. There's nothing wrong with summer flings, but don't be caught off guard if you crave more depth in your romantic relationships this month, Gemini. You want to feel at home, both literally (Virgo season starts this month, bringing home makeovers, cleaning, and redecorating) and with your friends and partners. The only rule is no people-pleasing allowed. When Uranus goes retrograde, the stars ask you to respect your authentic self and desires.


While even the stars can't promise money in this economy, Cancer, the first part of August, brings brilliance to your professional and creative life. Don't be surprised if you get positive feedback or reach a culmination regarding a project you've put a lot of work into. When Virgo season begins, you're reminded of the power of friendships and see yourself reconnecting with social circles.

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