Gemini: The Social Butterfly

Gemini: The Social Butterfly

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Want to know where the Gemini is in a social setting like post-workout class? That's a great question. A Gemini will bounce around, making sure to talk to as many people as possible. It makes sense that the Gemini's sign is a set of twins, allowing them to be in two places at once.

Gemini's May Closet
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4) Wander Set in Oatmeal - Just like their personality, this set is like a soft hug. You won't be willing to part with it.
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Your season begins this month, Gemini. And yes, that means that you get to dress up and have a party (but remember to stay safe, of course). There are a few bumps in the road, such as a Mercury retrograde and an unpredictable eclipse mid-month, but you're the birthday star. You have full permission to have as much fun as possible this month.

Known for being curious, affectionate, and kind, yellow is the main color of the Gemini's personality then red, black, and white are also associated with the sign.




May brings a lunar eclipse, and you are ruled by the moon, darling crab. As a result, this mid-month occurrence may bring out some anxiety, mainly thanks to the influence of fellow water-sign (and often paranoid) Scorpio. But, there's lots of good news, too. Your emotions are your strength. If you can healthily channel your feelings into a creative project, or even sex, then May looks to be a sensual and productive month for you, both professionally and personally. 


If you must have any major relationship talks this month, Leo, work them out with the help of a therapist first and write down your main talking points. Thanks to a Mercury retrograde and a lunar eclipse in paranoid Scorpio, getting your point across won't be as easy as usual. Because you're a proud lion, it can be hard for you to listen. But, if you can accept that challenge and succeed, listening to your partner or crush could result in May bringing joy and abundance to your love life.


Uh oh, Virgo, your ruling planet Mercury begins one of its infamous retrogrades this month. But don't even sweat it. When it comes to sex and pleasure, May is a brilliant month for you, so you should be able to navigate retrograde bumps with ease. There's a stressful eclipse mid-month, but if you spend in catching up with close friends, your forecast for drama is low.


There's a Mercury retrograde this month, Libra, but believe it or not, it could improve talks within your relationships as you seek new avenues to promote healthy communication. Then, thanks to moves from Jupiter, the luckiest planet in the sky, your love life gets so much fairy dust sprinkled on it that you don't even care about the dramatic eclipse ahead, which should bring you hot sex. 


May is a fun month for you, Scorpio, encouraging you to play with different makeup or even switch up your hair. There is a full moon and eclipse in your sign mid-month, bringing drama for everyone, but let's be honest, you like to stir the pot, don't you? Thankfully, by the time flirty Gemini season is in full swing, you're only interested in taking care of the people you love (and receiving love in return).


You may feel on edge during Mercury retrograde, Sag, so go heavy on self-care. You're a loud and charismatic sign, but when you're under stress, you can come off as a bit harsh at times, and thanks to an eclipse in intense Scorpio, everyone is already on edge. Treat yourself to sex toys, beauty sleep, and long hot baths. You should be able to handle that because May ends on an epically romantic note for you.


May kicks off with a theme of abundance, bringing opportunity and optimism to your professional life. So, when Mercury goes retrograde mid-month, don't let it get to you. Just read the fine print, expect communication delays, and please don't let any exes distract you from all the beautiful things in your present. May ends with pleasurable and kinky delights if you keep focused on what matters.


May sees you spending time with friends, Aquarius. While the rebel in you wants to go out and save the world, and there are plenty of opportunities for activism, remember to have some frivolous fun, too, to help keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Romantically, this month is major for you. Expect positive changes in your relationships towards the end of May.


Early in the month, you may feel a bit moody, dear Pisces, as you try to figure out the best move regarding your love life. But don't worry, it's okay if you don't know the answer just yet. While other signs deal with the drama of a mid-month eclipse, you are able to use such powerful energy to find answers to the questions that previously kept you up at night through empathy, therapy, and even psychic understanding.


May begins with a sexy start, darling Aries when the romantic planet Venus enters your sign. But Venus isn't the only planet making moves in your favor. When lucky Jupiter also enters Aries, even more sweet times are ahead. In fact, you may be so busy having orgasms or singing with joy in the shower even to notice the messy eclipse mid-month, but if you do, pay attention to how it affects your health and work on managing stress levels.


The eclipse that everyone is talking about falls in the part of your chart that rules relationships, dear Taurus, so work on staying calm and reducing drama in your love life this month, even if that means riding out the eclipse alone enjoying self-care. Your season ends, and Gemini's begins, but you won't even notice because so many delightful social invitations come your way. Thanks to a new moon, the month ends on a sweet note for your love and sex life.

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