Enjoy the Moment, Virgo

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This month is the time to become more mindful and present, as it's on the cusp of a new season. Take the time to reset ahead of the environmental changes by practicing meditation, getting to bed earlier than usual, and anything else that makes you feel at peace and recharged. Enjoy each day in easy, comfortable, practical pieces like the Eclipse Bra, Slim Indio Tee, and Captain Ankle Tight.


You have to pass the torch to Libra this month, Virgo. But with the start of Libra season, which also marks the beginning of fall, you see growing intimacy within your life. This could come from a romantic partnership, your chosen family, or both. Just try to shake off any minor disagreements; don't let this month's Mercury retrograde win.


Your season starts this month, Libra! Look into autumn hair and makeup looks to explore because you can consider all of Libra season as your birthday, and you deserve to feel beautiful. There's so much romantic love coming your way, Libra. Just lay low during the second weekend of the month, as it brings Mercury retrograde and a full moon that stirs up petty fights.


Uranus went retrograde last month, Scorpio, asking you to drop unhealthy habits, and that theme continues this month. Libra season is all about balance, including making enough time for yourself. However, prepare to see increased intimacy within your love life mind-month, and perhaps even welcome professional news as September comes to a close.


Keep your friends close this month, Sagittarius. You're likely to be busy and need a support system within reach. September sees you working hard at something that invigorates you, even if you do have to be patient regarding positive feedback, thanks to Mercury retrograde. Plus, at the end of the month, a magical planetary alignment sees your wishes coming true.


You love the start of autumn, Capricorn. September brings potential communication challenges thanks to a Mercury retrograde. However, you can't put your life on hold every time Mercury begins its backward dance. Your love life is blossoming, and it's okay if you can't wait until Mercury retrograde ends to level up a relationship. The only question is, will you lower your emotional walls and be honest about your feelings?


You're an intellectual air sign, Aquarius. However, just because you're brilliant doesn't mean that you're always on top of communication. Sometimes, you can be better at tackling global political problems than texting your friends back. However, you need your support system this month, and Mercury retrograde will try to make communication tricky. You'll need to make an extra effort to stay in touch with your loved ones, but it will be worth it.


September is all about love, Pisces, but you don't have to have any major define-the-relationship conversations. Mercury is retrograde; there's a dramatic full moon in your sign; it's just not the right time. Instead, your job is to be present in your love life, regardless of your relationship status, and focus on being happy. You can save the big conversations for when Mercury goes direct next month. 


There's a Mercury retrograde and a full moon in the same weekend mid-month, Aries, so if you need an excuse to stay in and catch up on rest, you've got it. However, at the end of September, after Libra season begins, a new moon encourages you to have fun with a crush or romantic partner, as your love life is gaining heat just in time for autumn.


You have a lot brewing, Taurus, especially regarding professional or passion projects. No astrologer can promise money in this economy. But if you can be patient throughout Mercury retrograde, don't be surprised if positive feedback comes your way. At the end of the month, you see sparks fly in your love life. Just make sure you're practicing the Libra-season theme of balance and making enough time for yourself and rest.


There's a Mercury retrograde this month, Gemini. Because it's your ruling planet, its backward dance can affect you more than other signs. However, September also lights up the part of your chart that rules fame and public image. You're a charismatic superstar, Gemini. September asks you to trust that big things are happening, even if you have to wait a little bit longer to see results.


With romantic Venus aiding your communication skills, not even Mercury retrograde can get in the way of romantic good news this month, Cancer. Keep a journal by your bed during the full moon in dreamy Pisces because your psychic abilities are at full force, and important messages may appear in dreams around this time.


A transit mid-month makes you so charismatic, Leo, that you can go ahead and ask for what you want, even if Mercury is retrograde. You're in demand, but remember that lions sleep between 16 and 20 hours daily. Libra season begins this month, and as the sign of balance, this time of year begs you to carve out enough time for rest, even when your lovers and/or employers can't get enough of you.

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