Founder Spotlight: Samantha Deutchman

Meet Samantha Deutchman, a Los Angeles, CA native, and co-founder of Yoga Strong, a company that creates innovative (and washable!) yoga accessories with aesthetic designs in order to express yourself in your practice. Continue reading to learn more!

Founder Spotlight: Samantha Deutchman

Your 2022 power words:
Empowered, Inspired, Exploration. 


What's your advice for women wanting to make their mark on the world?:
Trust yourself and be your own biggest cheerleader - especially if you're afraid or doubting things, have confidence in yourself and what you're doing, even if you have to fake it till you make it. You're unique and there for a reason, believe in that. 


What's your favorite Alala piece?:
Loving the Serena Dress & Tennis Collection!