Founder Spotlight: Nicole Centeno & Elise Densborn

Meet Nicole Centeno, founder and co-CEO of Splendid Spoon, & Elise Densborn, co-CEO of Splendid Spoon, a health food meal plan service. Continue scrolling to learn more!


Your 2022 power words:

NC: Flexibility, patience 

ED: Creativity, trust


What's your advice for women wanting to make their mark on the world?

NC: Create (and protect!) the space you need to honor your intuition. As long as you have a strong relationship with your inner self you will have a North Star to guide your decisions — this is what will help you take risks, and make bold moves!

ED: Find the people you can be vulnerable with — the people who you can trust in the most challenging moments will help you find confidence. There are loads of moments of discomfort as a leader, but having a support squad can help you conquer what feels impossible.


What's your favorite Alala piece?

NC: The Barre Seamless Tee in Ruby is an absolute favorite not just for training but for running from meetings to gym. Throw on a denim jacket and high waisted leggings and I can pick up the kids, go to a meeting and then head to the gym. Love when something is chic and versatile!

ED: The Vamp Bra in Cobalt and the Edge Tight in Black & White that I wore in SHAPE's race last week - Nicole and I ran the Central Park loop faster than we were training, and both pieces made me feel bold, confident. It was such a joyful memory! 


Anything else you'd like to add?

NC: If you have a passion and relentless dedication to it you really can build a career around it. Just believe in yourself - it’s really cliche, but it works!

ED: My dad always said - if not you, then who, and it’s one of my favorite reminders of human being’s innate abilities to solve problems and create amazing things.


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