Do More Of What Moves You: Madison Utendahl

As the founder & head of brand strategy at Utendahl Creative, Madison Utendahl is a storyteller.

1. Debunk one myth about being a powerful woman in 2023

I am debunking the myth that the word "intense" is considered bad. We use the word to describe men all the time, and we don't say it in a way that is negative, in a way that means that he also has ferocity and that he's ambitious. It's okay that women are intense. We can be intense, passionate, excited and be powerful as a result."

2. Where does your motivation come from?

"I believe that this world is inherently good. If you so choose, you can look around and see that there are so many amazing, brilliant, talented women, pushing culture and changing the world. They're making me feel pumped and excited to get up every single day."

3. What Alala piece would you want in your wardrobe right now?

"I am obsessed with the 7/8 Barre Seamless Tight. Not only is it insanely comfortable, it stays in place and is perfectly sweat resistant. I wear them for a variety of my workouts ranging from pilates to dance cardio. I am even more of an Alala loyalist after purchasing these!"

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