Behind the Seams: Phoebe Set

Introducing our modern take on a classic sweatsuit. This new Spring '23 addition was designed to feel like your favorite sweats while looking tailored and finished to take on your day.
The mineral blue color is associated with a sense of peace, calmness, and serenity. It is a color of trust and loyalty, and often symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and faith. Wearing the color blue can be a way to express your desire for these qualities in your life. A great throw-on outfit on your way to yoga!

Keep reading and take a deep dive into Jewel's creative process in developing this timeless set.


It Starts With A Sketch

Jewel begins any design with a pencil sketch. Once it's finished in pencil, she takes time to go over it in ink for a bolder, complete sketch. Once this is finished, it's time to share with the rest of the design team.


Phoebe Mock Knit

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Jewel's Note:
"The top was developed with a sleek matte finished face, pleating in all the right places, and a cropped looser fit top that transitions perfectly into the trouser, creating a seamless look."

Phoebe Trouser

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Jewel's Note:
"This color was inspired by the natural pigments found in the minerals of the earth. Mineral blue was derived from the precious stone, lapis lazuli. This gorgeous blue has natural grey undertones makes an understated and elegant statement."
Jewel intended to create a set that was comfortable, timeless, and effortless. With structured tailoring and pleating, she was able to enhance and elevate your basic lounge set. The top and bottom both flow with ease for comfort but still fit for a tailored finished look that can be worn for lounge or to host a dinner party. The design of the top and bottom is well thought out and can easily be styled separately with other pieces in your wardrobe as well as it can together.
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