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    Select "Eco-Friendly Shipping" at checkout to receive your package in reusable packaging made from recycled materials. 

  • Delivery

    Your order will be delivered at your doorstep (or other safe location) in reusable packaging.

  • Package Pickup

    Choose your free pickup date - whether you're returning clothing, consigning, or sending your empty packaging.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Want us to take any clothes off your hands? Consign with us. We take everything from Zimmermann to Zara - even jeans and leggings

Simply fill your packaging with any unwanted items & we'll pick it up for free, and you'll earn some extra cash.



Q: What is Olive?
A: Olive is a delivery & returns service created for brands to offer easy, eco-friendly shipping to their customers.
Q: How does Olive work?
A: If "Eco-Friendly Delivery" is selected at checkout, your order will be shipped in reusable packaging without cardboard and plastic packaging. Olive picks up the empty reusable packaging once you've scheduled your free container pickup.
Q: What is Olive's reusable packaging made out of?
A: Olive's reusable packaging is made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles, cups, and polyester.
Q: Can I select reusable packaging for expedited shipping?
A: At this time, reusable packaging is only available using Ground Shipping
Q: Where can Olive packages be delivered to?
A: Packages using Olive's reusable packaging may be delivered to homes (either at your doorstep or in mailbox) and apartments with a door person or secure receiving space. Currently, Olive cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.
Q: My apartment doesn't have a door person or secure area for packages. How can my package be delivered?
A: Please email help@shopolive.com or text (866) 466-5483 for assistance with delivering your package.
Q: If I opt for the reusable packaging, will it take longer to ship my order?
A: Orders shipped in reusable packaging will not take longer to ship.
Q: Can I reschedule my delivery date?
A: If your order has not been routed for delivery, it can be rescheduled. Please email help@shopolive.com or text (866) 466-5483 for assistance.
Q: I'm returning the items I ordered. How do I schedule a pickup for my return?
A: Scan the QR code on the return label provided in your delivery. From there, you can select the “Return Items” button and follow the instructions. If you can’t find the QR code on your return label, you can find the link to the tracking page in your delivery confirmation email.
Q: I'm keeping the items I ordered. Do I need to return my packaging?
A: Yes! We need your packaging to reuse for other orders.
Q: How Do I Return Packaging?
A: To return your empty packaging, scan the QR code on the return label provided and choose a date for your at-home pickup. If you can’t find the QR code on your return label, you can find the link to the tracking page in your delivery confirmation email. Pick up of reusable packaging does not require an additional cost.
Q: What is Olive Consignment?
A: Keep your pre-loved items out of landfills with Olive's Consignment program. When you receive your order in Olive's reusable packaging, pack the items you'd like to sell in the same packaging and schedule time for Olive to pick up the container. Olive’s team will authenticate, photograph, price, and sell each item on your behalf, and you’ll earn up to 80% of the sale price.
Q: How do I get paid from consignment sales?
A: You may opt to be paid to your credit card or in Alala-credit.

Any other questions? Email us at support@alalastyle.com