Why Athleisure Wear is A Travelers Best Friend

Traveling comes with a great deal of lifting, carrying, walking and exploring. To be expected to dress in a tight bodysuit and stilettos is impractical. But, we know how important it is to look your best. 
Thanks to athleisure, you can manage a chic look without compromising comfort. Athleisure is appreciated these days and it achieves a minimalistic look that can be transitioned from work to play. We’ll explain why athletic wear is a traveler's best friend - and tips for killing this style. 
Pack Your Bags - with Athleisure 
Athleisure offers the perfect balance of fashion and comfort. With all the walking and exploring that traveling entails, it doesn’t seem fair to do it in uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Give yourself a look that’s effortless and tasteful. Alala has a line of athletic wear that will accent your body.
Here are a few benefits to traveling with athleisure. 
  • Lightweight. Athleisure is lightweight and can be tossed into your luggage without adding much weight. This makes it easy to bring along extra clothes.
  • Low maintenance. The materials used in athletic wear are designed to withstand stains and sweat, so they’ll hold up well to your daily activities. Typically, no special washing or drying techniques are needed. 
  • Confidence. Travel in confidence. From plane delays to catching taxis to exploring the city, athleisure will you have looking and feeling your best - no matter what comes your way. 
Below we share a few of our favorite tips for wearing athleisure while traveling. 
Dress in Layers - Lightweight Tops and Jackets 
As the plane lands, you probably prefer to look put together - not thrown together. At the same time, sitting on a two hour flight in heels and a blazer probably isn’t your idea of comfort. (It’s not ours either.) We recommend dressing in layers. 
Choose a lightweight t-shirt with moisture wicking properties. This way, your skin will stay cool. Coordinate your outerwear. On the plane, throw on a light, casual jacket such as the Cato Quarter Zip in sleek black. When the plane lands, switch out your quarter zip for something more dressy like this Zephyr Jacket in bright white. Touch up your makeup, pin up your hair and be ready to take on your day. 
Stick to Premium Materials 
For bottoms, we suggest sticking with a pair of black tights or leggings. They’re comfortable and easily transition from work to play. Not all tights are created equal, however, to prevent bottoms from stretching or fading, it’s worth your money to invest in premium materials - nylon and spandex blends are best. 
Enjoy a Night on the Town  
Casual, loose fitting tops made of high quality materials are ideal for dinners and light exploring. One of our favorites is the Flyback Tank in pink. It’s great for warm weather, but don’t forget to bring along a jacket in case the temperatures drop. The same black tights, a pair of pumps and a retouch on your makeup is all that is needed for a night out. 
If you love to travel, you can do so while keeping comfortable and looking fabulous. All you need is the right ensemble of athleisure.