What Not to Wear: Gym Edition

Researchers have discovered that women attach emotions to their clothes. This is why most of us can relate to the saying, “dress for success.” We all have our favorite outfits that make us feel good about ourselves, and when we feel good, were more likely to be confident, sociable and successful. 
What you wear doesn’t just matter for work or social outings. It also makes a difference in how you perform at the gym. An old sports bra won’t give you much support - or confidence. A pair of tight leggings can prevent you from doing squats. What other things should you leave behind? 
What NOT to Wear to the Gym
To ensure that your gym attire does justice for your workouts, be sure to skip these items when going to the gym. 
  • See-through leggings. Some cheaper fabrics and materials become thin after multiple washings. Ample lighting in the gym can really highlight the thin fabric, so we say ditch these leggings and trade them in for Alala workout tights that offer full coverage. 
  • Worn-out sneakers. Are you using an old pair of sneakers for the gym? Invest in a quality pair of workout shoes that support your feet. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident, increasing your speed, balance and performance. 
  • 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is a great fabric, but 100% cotton is not the best choice for the gym. Cotton absorbs all sweat, which means it will feel like you’re wearing a wet towel halfway through your workout. Opt for athleisure that is made from lightweight, breathable materials like spandex and nylon. 
  • Jewelry. If you love wearing jewelry, put these items on after you’re done working out. They complement athletic clothing and make you look insta-ready for a meeting or coffee date. However, skip working out with jewelry for safety reasons. Rings can make your hands less stable, while necklaces can get tangled. 
  • Tight/baggy clothes. Invest in athleisure that fits you properly. You deserve to look and feel good when you exercise. Tight clothing restricts movement and prevents you from doing certain exercises. Baggy clothes hide your body and make it difficult for your trainer to assess your moves. 
Athleisure is made to help the body move in a better way. Ditch old, tattered clothes for an updated wardrobe that will give you confidence in the gym. Shop with Alala for a great selection of luxe athletic wear that transitions from the gym to whatever is next on your list.