Top 3 Tips to Look Your Best After Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is one of the latest trends in the yoga community. It involves doing yoga poses and stretches in a hot and humid environment. Its spike in popularity is no surprise, as hot yoga allows people to get more from their workouts. With the warm conditions, the muscles become loose and flexible, making it easier to stretch and twist and turn - all things needed for a successful yoga session.
The drawback to hot yoga is that it can make you look like a hot mess. Now, this is fine if you’re headed straight home for a shower with no chance of seeing life. But, for all other occasions, you’ll need a little pick-me-up before heading outdoors. Not to worry - Alala has you covered. Here are our top three tips to help you look your best after a hot yoga session.
1. Makeup Wipes and Body Wipes 
Wipes are a female’s best friend. Luckily, many brands (Clean & Clear, Simple, Yes) offer makeup and body wipes that can be easily stashed into your gym bag. If you’re doing hot yoga first thing in the morning, we don’t recommend wearing makeup because it will practically melt off your face. However, if you’re coming from work, you might not have time to remove it. 
Makeup wipes let you quickly wipe away runny mascara or foundation for a refreshed appearance. They also clean the pores and prevent pimples from forming after a workout. Body wipes are a plus too. You’ll be feeling fresh in no time. 
2. Sunglasses and a Cap 
An intense workout often shows in the eyes. They might be tired or red - or you may have those dreaded bags. To avoid hearing comments like, “Wow. You look really tired!”, throw on a pair of sunglasses. They’re great as you walk to your apartment building or grab a coffee from the shop. 
A hat can also work wonders, especially if your hair is too short to pull back in a sleek ponytail. If you need to run to the grocery store or pick your pup up from the groomer's, an athleisure outfit and cap will keep you looking fashion forward. If you forget your baseball cap, the built-in hood on our Mesa Bomber jacket will serve the purpose. 
3. Dark Shades of Athleisure  
As a luxe athleisure brand, we love our bold colors. That said, we recommend darker colors like black, charcoal gray and navy blue in hot, humid conditions. These richer hues are more effective than whites and creams at hiding sweat. 
Also, because we love layering, we recommend bringing along a jacket, vest or sweatshirt to throw over your workout clothes. If you are wearing something light, no one has to know how much you just sweat attempting that headstand. 
Hot yoga puts a new twist on traditional yoga, and it can certainly help you achieve more in your workouts. Follow our tips above, and you’ll not just be feeling hot post workout, but will be looking it too.