@ the Hot Spot: Dria Murphy

Murphy has long known that connecting people is her calling, and she knows that when it comes to connecting with people, the right vibe is key. Here, you’ll find her guide on where she likes to rendezvous with the different types of people in her life. They’re some of her favorite places in New York City, but they also bring out the best energy for establishing meaningful human interactions.
Cafe Cluny — Mentor Session
“It is quiet enough to have a great conversation which is so important when I am meeting with a mentor of mine. I need to be able to soak up every bit of advice and guidance…”
Bar Sardine — Girl Talk
“I love to sit at the bar to have dinner and Bar Sardine is the perfect place for this.  I can have an intimate conversation but also be in a lively setting, ready to see where the night takes me! The family behind Happy Cooking Hospitality create such a good vibe and I visit their spots weekly."
FairFax — New Client Alert
"I love FairFax during the day because it has such a calming vibe and great for new client meetings. I work from here often as well. The staff is so friendly and I find myself popping in a few times a week for meetings or an email session."
Morandi — Family Company
“I have been going to Morandi for 8 years now and it feels like a home away from home. When I am with my family our conversations range from serious to silly. It’s the perfect setting for every topic.”

ChillHouse — Friend in Need
“I love taking friends to grab matcha, have a drink, or get a manicure. The vibe is unique and a memorable experience.”
Loring Place — Tourist Game
"I love taking them to Loring Place to experience Dan Kluger's delicious menu, which changes seasonally. The environment is just busy enough where you feel a part of the NYC scene, but quiet enough to have a meaningful conversation.  And if you are lucky, Dan will be floating around to make sure you are enjoying your meal."
The Bari Studio — Active Friend Duty
“I love to bounce at The Bari Studio in Tribeca with friends and colleagues alike. It's great to exercise with people, and it’s a change of scene from the usual sit-down dinner. I also love Y7 and Box and Flow studios.”
Spring Place — Work Mode
“...I love its quiet setting and productive atmosphere. We can sprawl out with laptops, matcha pitchers, and get things done.”
My West Village ApartmentTeam Building
“I love to host meetings at home because I've curated the decor to reflect my design aesthetic, and I hand-picked every element in my home. It's the perfect spot to work from laptops and to turn up the Sonos speakers.”
1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge — Client Check-In
“It’s the perfect spot for having a coffee with clients. The Neighbors Cafe downstairs has a gorgeous view of the New York City skyline and offers a very DUMBO experience. If you haven't been, you've got to check it out.”