Sweat Responsibly: Seamless for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
Did you know? Alala is super eco-friendly in both the development and construction of our seamless pieces. Here's what you need to know. 
Machine Manufacturing 
Manufactured entirely by machines, our seamless is the future of clothing. Our designs are input via mathematical program, so our seamless teams at the factory are more like engineers plotting things into a computer program. It's also more eco-friendly due to the minimal wastage and more efficient than traditional cut and sew (which we tend to frequent in other designs).
Precision Compression 
Machine construction enables us to alternate knit construction with precision across all seamless pieces. For example, we are able to knit in more compression and support around the waistband and side of the hips on the tights, giving those areas a strong shaping effect. Same with the bras, the different knit panels give the bust more support under and around the cups. You can see in detail shots of our seamless, these ribbed details indicate better support. 
No Water Waste
Our recent seamless sets are made in china, and also made with no water dyes meaning none of the water pollution that typically goes along with dying fabrics and/or garments.