Meet Blanche

Meet Blanche

Age ain't nothing but a number.


Alala celebrates International Women’s Day with a feature on Blanche Beckmann, an inspiring sprightly 90 year old who makes us say: “Wow I hope I’m that amazing when I’m her age.”

Blanche is a regular at Equinox Greenwich's Atonement class, knocking out the same amount of push-ups as men and women sixty years her junior. Apart from her four-a-week workouts with her favorite instructors, the nonagenarian works in real estate and counts the subway as her favorite way of getting around.

Blanche also fills her weekends with going to the ballet, opera and theater hopping.


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"The truth is that I love exercising. It gives me so much joy."

A former dancer, Blanche’s physical fitness has been an important part of her life and has kept her body strong till this day. A true social butterfly, she'll take a class over working out on the machines any day. "I love the community of classmates, the music and the variety of the workouts."

"Everyone says I'm so amazing (to still be working out at her age) but the truth is that I love exercising. I get out of class and I feel so much joy."


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"There's something about working hard together to achieve something that really brings people together."

But not only is exercising a source of physical enrichment, it's also a place where some enduring bonds have been formed. "When I moved back to the city after living in the suburbs for a long time, the new friends I made were all people I met at the gym. Now they're life long friends," says Beckmann.

"There's something about working hard together to achieve something that really brings people together"

Blanche, we'll be your gym buddy any day.

Photography by Patrick Randak
Hair & Makeup by Christyna Kay

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