Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

To get to know these amazing moms and their daughters, we asked them about their unique style, how they stay active, and favorite foods. Learn more about these dynamic duos below.

Tracy (Mom) & Joey (Daughter)

Describe Your Style (Tracy): “Sophisticated and sporty."

Joey’s Favorite Outfit: “Black leather pants and sweatshirts because they’re comfortable."

Tracy’s Favorite Way to Stay Active: “I go to the gym everyday. Run. Lift weights."

Joey’s Favorite Sport: "Soccer."

Devon (Mom) & Elle (Daughter)

Elle’s Favorite Outfit:  “Elena Of Avalor” dress up.

Devon’s Favorite Way to Stay Active: “Dancing”

Elle’s Favorite Sport: “Jumping.”

Alex (Mom) & Peyton (Daughter)

Peyton's Favorite Outfit: "Rainbow dresses because it's rainbow."

Alex’s Favorite Way to Stay Active: “I like to play tennis and I run.”

Peyton’s Favorite Sport: “Soccer.”

Jewel (Mom) & Sienna (Daughter)

Sienna’s Favorite Outfit: "The dress I designed with pretty flowers made from an old blanket."

Jewel’s Favorite Way to Stay Active: “Running, and running after my kids."

Sienna’s Favorite Sport: "Cheerleading."

Nerissa (Mom) & Isla (Daughter)

Isla’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Mint Chocolate Chip.”

Nerissa’s Favorite Way to Stay Active: “If I could dance everyday that would be amazing.”

Isla’s Favorite Sport: “Soccer.”



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