Here's to Mom

Motherhood. Arguably one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. This year, we’re celebrating Mother's Day with a special feature. We invited five unique, mother/daughter pairs into our studio. We sat down these inspiring moms and asked them to share their stories of motherhood with us.

Here is some of what they had to say:



Alex is wearing Mesh Drawstring Hoodie & Captain Tights. Peyton is wearing Girls' Captain Tights.

Meet Alex

a coffee loving, tennis playing, mom of three. 

Best Thing About Being a Mom:
"Just the unconditional love you feel for your children. It’s like no other feeling in the world, it’s wonderful. Also, seeing what they can do and accomplish is pretty incredible.”

Proudest Mom Moment:
“My oldest son just decided to be a hockey goalie. He’s sort of small and after not really being interested in sports, he’s going for it. He’s so brave and it’s something we didn’t think we would see from him. So it’s really exciting to see him grow into this really brave guy, taking pucks to the face.”


Devon is wearing Champ Tee over Island Mesh Tee, and Captain Tights. Elle is wearing Girls' Captain Tights.

Meet Devon

an easygoing, summer loving, mom of two.

Best Thing About Being a Mom:
“I would say the sense of purpose they give me, the love, and light that they bring into my life. That’s my favorite thing about them. Elle and my son, they’re my favorite things about being a mom.”

Proudest Mom Moment:
“Probably when I see her in her dance recitals. I love watching her perform. She always acts like she’s going to be shy before she goes out there but she hits every step and does it with a lot of pizzazz.”


Nerissa is wearing Lace Back Bomber & Captain Tights. Isla is wearing Girls' Captain Tights.

Meet Nerissa

the tea-drinking, dance enthusiast.

Best Thing About Being a Mom:
“I would say it’s seeing them develop their own personality. It’s really special. It’s hard too at times; having her exert her own sense of self, but it’s definitely the most rewarding because you can see her train of thought and her thought process. It’s really exciting to see- how I’ve influenced that, how my husbands influenced that, and how she's taken it and made it her own."

Proudest Mom Moment:
“A couple of months ago Isla was voted by her class ‘most respectable student’. Kind of like student of the month. Her classmates nominated her and said why and it was just that she was very helpful. Pretty much that they could rely on her. If they needed help she was always nice and courteous. She’s able to see if somebody’s uncomfortable and needs help; she steps in."


Jewel is wearing Fuel Jacket over Island Mesh Tee and Captain Tights. Sienna is wearing Girls' Captain Tights.

Meet Jewel

the eclectic designer and mom of two.

Best Thing About Being a Mom:
"I love being a mom. It's so much fun watching two of the cutest kids (totally biased) grow up. It inspires me everyday to watch them experience things for the first time and find complete joy in life. It has made me a better person."

Proudest Mom Moment:
"The daily, huge, bear hugs I get. My kids are always hugging me - it's unconditional love from my kids and it makes me so proud to be their mom. "


Tracy is wearing Swell Crop Tank and Captain Tights. Joey is wearing Girls' Captain Tights.

Meet Tracy

the stylish fitness guru and mom

Best Thing About Being a Mom:
"Watching your kids turn out to be really kind, genuine people and knowing you had a hand in it.”



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Thanks to all these amazing women for sharing their stories, struggles, and strengths with us!
Wishing these moms, and moms everywhere, a happy and healthy Mother's Day. 
XX Team Alala