Having the Right Sports Bra will Give You the Confidence You Need

Sports bras are a vital part of your workout wardrobe. Regardless of your cup size, most types of exercise cause chest movement. This doesn’t just look awkward - it feels it, too. Rather than having your killer workout sessions disrupted by a weak sports bra, take time to choose the right one from the start. 
Below we discuss the importance of selecting the right sports bra and a few tips for doing so.  Your bra - or lack thereof - should never interfere with a great workout and a healthy attitude.
Why Sports Bras Matter 
To value the role of sports bras, it helps to understand why they are needed. Each breast contains connective, fatty tissue that is attached to the chest wall by skin and ligaments. Also called Cooper’s ligaments, these fibrous strands can get stretched out. Once they do, they cannot be fixed. With no muscles to support the breasts, it’s imperative that a supportive bra is chosen.
Unfortunately, sports bras don’t get the attention they deserve. Women are often embarrassed to talk about them, and as a result, are misinformed. Unfortunately, wearing the wrong bra (or no bra) can cause the ligaments to stretch, leading to discomfort and permanent damage. For the record, it doesn’t matter what cup size you have. All breasts are at risk for ligament damage. 
Sports bras reduce chest movement and prevent sagging and soreness during workouts. Women also feel more confident, as their attention isn’t diverted to uncontrolled movement. The right sports bra allows women to reach their highest goals, work securely with trainers and jog anywhere without feeling discomfited. 
The key, of course, is selecting the right support bra. 
Tips for Choosing a Flattering Sports Bra 
As you begin your search for a comfortable, flattering sports bra, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 
  • Snug and comfortable. The right sports bra should fit snug but comfortable. There should be no bulges (this means it’s too big) or pulling (too small). 
  • Easy breathing. As you try on the bra, deeply breathe in and out. You should not feel any pulling or tugging. 
  • No spillage. Sports bras are part of your workout ensemble. Whether you throw on a mesh tank or a t shirt, the sides should be soft and flush against the skin. 
  • Seamless construction. Choose a seamless construction (free of stitching and seams) to eliminate rubbing or chafing. 
  • Breathable materials. Mesh or rib fabric are excellent materials as they’re soft and moisture wicking. Nylon is also a popular choice due to its comfort and flexibility. 
Alala Has What You Need 
The best way to shop for bras is to find a brand that won’t let you down. For many women, Alala is that brand. Our luxury sports bras feature seamless construction, practical features such as hook and eye closures for support, mesh details in the fronts and backs, pockets for optional cups and more. Discover a bra to flatter your shape and raise your confidence levels.