From the Gym to the Streets - The Birth of Athleisure Culture

Keeping up with trends can be difficult. They come and go so quickly, especially if you don’t have the time to constantly refresh Instagram to see what’s trending. There have been countless fads over the past few years that may have not been worth the buy in, but there is one clear trend that seems like it’s here to stay. Athlesisure is more than a fashion trend; it’s a culture that’s definitely in full swing.

The question is – how did this trend become so successful so quickly?

Firstly, people across the world are living healthier lives and paying more attention to their bodies, both inside and out. They frequently attend workout classes each week and are hitting the gym as often as possible, all the while remaining conscious about what they eat. This, combined with busy schedules, created a demand for clothing that seamlessly moves throughout the day from work, to the gym, and to everything that comes between. This is a positive shift in our culture’s lifestyle, so it’s only fitting that we want clothing to support it.

Today, the market has matured and consumers have a wide variety of designers and styles to choose from. Each company has their own identifying style, their own “mission statement.” But, Alala is here to help you stand out from the crowd…while getting you from your meeting to your workout seamlessly.

So, is the athleisure trend here to stay? We think it is. Find leggings that are a second skin and sweatpants that are meant to be seen. Getting these go-to pieces are a great start in building your athleisure wardrobe. Shop with Alala and find leggings and sweatpants that are made for more than just the gym, like our Seamless Tight and Heron Jogger.