From the Barre to the Bar - How to Transform Gym Wear into a Chic Outfit

Activewear has become a uniform suitable for all-day wear, and people all over the world are truly embracing this style (because who wouldn’t want to be in comfortable, movable leggings all day?).

One of the main reasons for the spike in the growth of the activewear industry is that people are living a health-conscious lifestyle, planning their days (and their outfits) around yoga, spin, and Pilates classes – it’s what’s trending, so why shouldn’t your outfit be on trend as well?

The “all day” active look has become wildly popular, but is significantly more popular in cities where people are constantly on the move, where these clothes actually help them function. Activewear helps both men and women navigate the hustle and bustle of the streets and subways of New York comfortably, although there’s a great chance you’ll see more women in casual activewear than professional workwear while you make your commute.

New Yorkers are always on a mission to get to their next destination on time – whether that be a workout class or meeting up with friends. Time in their day is greatly valued, especially in an age where 24 hours seems to not be enough.

After freshening up in the locker room of a workout studio, throwing on a pair of leggings and low top sneakers create a more casual, all day look that is comfortable and practice. 

But comfortable can still be polished. To make these outfits trendy for all-day wear, activewear designers have pivoted their styles, considering their female shoppers’ on-the-go lifestyles. They’ve designed more pieces that perform during workouts, while also considering how it would elevate any pre or post-workout style. The perfect piece to transition this outfit is a jacket – it creates a more polished look that transforms any outfit from office to the gym.

If you’ve found the time to go home and change before a night out, there are still ways to incorporate your athletic wear into different outfits. Love that comfy workout bralette you usually wear to yoga? Wear the Barre Bra under a slightly sheer shirt to create a better look than just an exposed bra. Can’t find a top to wear with that new skirt you’re dying to wear? Throw on a high neck sports bra / crop top like the reversible Kea Crop so you can quickly get out the door and have a drink in your hand to celebrate the weekend in no time.  

This trend is truly #AlalaAllDay and we’re loving it.