Best Leggings of 2022

What makes a legging best for running?

Athleisure brands advertise different leggings for different sports, but what exactly makes them best for the sports you love? The materials used to construct leggings are vital to determining the activity it's for. Leggings made with materials like polyamide and nylon are great for higher impact sports like running and crossfit as they are made to withstand intense movement. Alala's polyamide/nylon tights, like the Surf Tight, also have powermesh waistbands that are built to keep your waistbands in a comfortable position - no saggy leggings here! 

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What makes a legging best for yoga or pilates?

If you prefer lower impact workouts like yoga or pilates, the Barre Seamless Tight will be your best choice. To start, Alala's Barre Seamless Tight is constructed with buttery-soft, ultra-stretchy nylon and lycra. These materials truly make your leggings feel like a second skin. Since the Barre Seamless Tight is constructed with a singular seam on the inner leg, your movement for any yoga pose will not be impacted. You're free to move through your flows with ease.

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