5 Of Our Favorite Women's Spring Fitness Fashion Trends

5 Of Our Favorite Women's Spring Fitness Fashion Trends

As the months and seasons pass by (faster and faster), we’re always looking ahead to pick out our favorite styles of the season. These styles are heavily dependent on what’s going on with Mother Nature, but we’re here to help you with your style forecast.

Although we may think that patterns are more popular for summer, spring is summer’s warm-up. It’s the time to start doing research to find what patterns will set our warm-weather tone. Spring patterns have greatly evolved over the past few years – they’ve gotten simpler, yet have become more sophisticated. A patterned tight is a great way to add to an otherwise simple outfit. Our Base Tight in Embroidered Palm is our spring/summer go-to pattern. The tiny embroidered palm trees give us major beach vibes – we’re thinking about drinking cocktails on a beach while meditating during our shavasana in the final few minutes of a yoga class.

BREAKING: track pants are back! They’re the easiest pant to throw on when you’re not in the mood to think about what you’re wearing because no matter what you pair it with, it’ll still look great. We’re loving our Wide Leg Pant  these days – it’s the most comfortable option in our closet to do anything and everything in. On cooler mornings, these are great to put on over leggings both pre and post workout. They single-handedly have the ability to transform your look to a casual daytime outfit. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear sweatpants all day? We all need that one pair that is allowed out of the house. These are them.

New York City is notorious for its unreliable temperatures each spring. My advice to anyone new to New York? Always keep a light jacket in your gym bag. Finding the perfect lightweight jacket can be difficult – you want something neutral yet stylish, something just light enough to not make you too hot, and something made of an easily foldable material. Our Strata Run Jacket checks all of the boxes. Available in black and white, these light zippered jackets feature mesh geometric paneling to allow for a breathable wear on those days where the weather and temperature are unpredictable.

Sweatshirts are always in style, but the style of them varies each season. This spring, we’re loving cropped hoodies. When you wear a sweatshirt, you’re usually covering the tank or tee you’re wearing underneath. Cropped sweatshirts allow for your layers to be seen! The Stance Pullover is an essential. Style tip: try pairing with a higher waisted legging and a sports bra to show those abs you’ve been working all winter for.

Matching sets are currently one of our favorite trends, but how could they not be? It’s an outfit that’s already put together, so no morning stress is necessary. Grab that set and get out the door. When choosing your top and bottom, go for something fun! Prints, colors, and patterns are trending, so take advantage of this opportunity. The Score Seamless Tight and Score Seamless Tank provide the perfect head-to-toe look. 

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