Benefits of Wearing Sweatpants During A Warm Up

Wearing sweatpants during a warm-up is a solid choice. Soft joggers are comfortable and nonrestrictive, allowing you to move freely during your workouts. What you may not realize is that sweatpants also contribute to more effective warm-ups.
To understand the benefits of wearing sweats during your warm-ups, you must first understand why they are crucial to your workouts. 
Why Proper Warm-Ups are Necessary 
Some days it may be tempting to skip a warm-up, but these short sessions prepare the body for a more intense workout. In fact, the more intense your training is, the more important a warm-up becomes. 
Primarily, a thorough preparation increases blood flow to the muscles, resulting in greater flexibility, a decreased risk of injury and improved performance. Not to mention, warm-ups are great tools for mental preparedness. 
Bottom line: Don’t skip your warm-up sessions no matter what training you’re doing. 
Why Sweats are a Great Addition to Your Warm-Up Sessions 
We know that warming up is the best way to prepare the muscles for intense exercise. Sweatpants like the Heron Joggers from Alala increase and trap body heat more than leggings do, causing you to sweat more. The key benefit is that the muscles loosen up. 
Reasons to add sweatpants to your warm-up regimen are: 
  • Wick away moisture. Sweats may make you sweat more, but they keep you cool and dry. The fabric wicks away moisture so you don’t feel clammy.
  • Protect the skin. If you plan on running outdoors, a pair of long pants protects the skin from sunburn and small pests like mosquitoes, ticks and spiders. Run free without distractions.
  • Prevent muscle strains. A pair of joggers traps heat, keeping your muscles loose. It’s much safer to work out with warm, flexible muscles than cold, tight ones. 
  • Keep warm in cooler weather. If you enjoy getting your workouts outdoors, sweatpants allow you to keep warm and comfortable in any weather. 
Don’t underestimate the power of a good warm-up. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the goals you are about to accomplish. And, don’t forget to throw on a pair of sweats that will keep you comfortable, yet ready to go.