5 Places to Wear Activewear Other than the Gym

Athleisure refers to casual clothing that can be worn for exercising and almost anything else under the sun. Younger generations are the ones responsible for this trend as a cultural shift has been made in the workplace. It’s now acceptable to wear leggings and sneakers to the office. But, unlike a pair of sweats that lets everyone know you’ve been to the gym, athleisure doesn’t. It’s functional, versatile and supremely confident, especially when you get your pieces from Alala. 
So, where exactly is it acceptable to wear activewear? We share five places below. 
1. School/University
College students love wearing pajamas to school, but it’s not exactly well-received by the larger community. Many people argue that the “just woke up and fell out of bed look” isn’t respectful. A college education costs tens of thousands of dollars, after all. Students should put their best foot forward and appear eager to learn, which can be done with luxury activewear. And, if you have an unexpected presentation in front of the class, you don’t have to sweat it. 
2. Running Errands  
You don't need to be dressed up to run through the grocery aisles or to pick up your dry cleaning, but you deserve to look good. Don’t hide underneath worn sweats and a baseball cap. Throw on all day essentials such as this stylish tank top in white and black with a pair of black leggings. You can tackle everything on your to-do list with confidence - no matter who you run into. 
3. Traveling in an Airport
Let’s face it. Traveling can be a major pain. You probably have something important to do the moment you land, but being dressed up can make your travel experience more uncomfortable and less enjoyable. We recommend layering up with a lightweight tank and throwing on a quarter zip jacket. Complete the look with a pair of tights. The moment you step off the plane, you’ll look sleek, confident and ready to ready to take on your new destination
4. Out to Eat 
Whether you’re meeting friends for dinner or finally getting around to that dinner date, it feels refreshing to be waited on for a change. Look and feel your best by wearing luxe activewear. This tasteful style will get you into any restaurant, but you don’t have to walk around the city feeling uncomfortable. Indulge for the evening knowing that your outfit will continue to flatter your natural shape. 
5. Shopping
Ready to hit the streets and visit your favorite boutiques? You might not feel your best if you show up wearing sweats and a t-shirt, but who wants to try on outfits when they’re wearing impractical clothing? Athleisure is the perfect alternative. Be a trendsetter as you walk through the doors and show off a style that’s uniquely yours. But, be comfortable when upgrading your wardrobe. 
Activewear is very practical and can look chic, but there are still rules to follow. To keep your appearance fashion forward and sophisticated, be sure to follow some simple rules of athleisure. Choose a neutral color palette, but interesting materials to make it more bold. Be sure that your pieces are in excellent condition - no fading, rips or tears. Finally, let your typical style lead the way.